Wallpaper...HOT OR NOT? 

For some, the thought of wallpaper may conjure up visions of outdated floral and fabric designs so often used in older homes or even the busy color themes that were popular in the 70s. However, wallpaper is far from a thing of the past. It is still quite popular; and with so many available designs, you can obtain a sleek, stylish look that will update any room in your home.
One of the great things about wallpaper is its versatility. From bold prints that create drama on an accent wall, subtle patterns to enhance a particular style, or cover an entire room from floor to ceiling with a traditional neutral color. It all depends on the look you’re aiming for.
Check out these suggestions on how to incorporate wallpaper to modernize your home:

#1 Partial Wall Coverage

Because a bathroom space is generally on the smaller side, consider adding character by applying wallpaper sparingly, on one wall only. Or one of my favorite looks is to add a large scale patterned wallpaper to a small powder room.

#2 Opt for Neutrals

Neutral colors are always a great choice because they have a timeless classic appeal that never looks outdated. Adding a textured wallpaper in the same color scheme of your walls will add interest and depth.
A common misconception is that neutrals are boring, when in fact neutral walls are anything but. These subtle tones on walls will accentuate the décor and furnishings in a room by serving as a backdrop. It’s difficult to get bored of neutral colors because they work great with practically any style, regardless of how often your taste changes.


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#3 Consider an Artsy Pattern
Modern wallpaper allows you to create any look desired, with no shortage of patterns. A bold pattern or bright accent color can highlight a favorite piece of art or add panache to a fun space. The key is not to go overboard.

#4 Try a Subtle Tonal Trend

Tonal wallpaper designs offer subtle abstract patterns that can create a relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom or balance contemporary, rigid furniture in the living room.

#5 Use it on the Ceiling
For a bold choice, use a favorite pattern on the ceiling. This is an amazing way to accent a favorite light fixture. Also, in rooms with low ceilings adding paper can detract from the feeling of being closed in.
Think of wallpaper as a form of modern art. It can add a pop of color and character to a particular space, create an atmosphere that inspires a mood, be used as a blank canvas, or add texture for interest. It is an ideal way to add design and help bring any room to life. Our vote? WALLPAPER IS DEFINITELY HOT!!!

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