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Angie wilson...

grew up in Speedway, Indiana where her love for interior design ignited on Elaine Street where pink flamingo shower curtains hung as draperies in her bedroom as a teenager and she helped her mom stencil pastel hearts on dining room chair railing in the 80’s.

After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, Angie journeyed to Washington, DC and Pittsburgh, PA. Luckily, her taste in interior design moved beyond pink flamingos and pastel hearts and evolved into a successful career as a high end lifestyle boutique owner.

During her time at the boutique, Angie tapped into her natural design talents, taught herself the Interior Design Industry and began designing high end residential interiors for elite clients on the East Coast in 2004. 

After a move back to Indianapolis in 2008 Angie created Interior Design Therapy, a design firm focused on curating  authentic interiors that reflect the lifestyle and personality of her clients.  

Angie uses her natural curiosity and eye for detail to dive into the heart of each individual project. Her creative problem solving skills and intuitive approach to design create client-focused results that are meaningful, functional spaces that bring balance into clients often chaotic lives.  

Angie effortlessly creates interiors that can be summed up as eclectic, storied, bold, and whimsical. Her eye for color, pattern mix and layered textures elevate each room that she touches. Her interiors are multi-layered and collected, a juxtaposition of vintage with modern, high with low, minimalism with maximalism, all working together to bring distinction to each space.  

Angie has embraced the opportunity to design and consult on both residential and commercial projects on the East Coast, Chicago and throughout the Midwest.  

Angie lives in Indianapolis with the loves of her life, husband Jeremy and kids Carson, Owen, Cate, and two furry babies Scout and Cali who believe they are humans.

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