Meet Angie

Angie JakadAngie Jakad Fischer grew up in Speedway, Indiana where her love for interior design ignited on Elaine Street where pink flamingo shower curtains hung as draperies in her bedroom as a teenager and she helped her mom stencil pastel hearts on dining room chair railing in the 80’s.

After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, Angie journeyed to Washington, DC and Pittsburgh, PA. Luckily, her taste in interior design moved beyond pink flamingos and pastel hearts and evolved into a successful career as a high end lifestyle boutique owner and designer of elite residential interiors on the East Coast.

After a move back to Indianapolis, and a short step away from designing interiors to pursue other opportunities, Angie is back to helping Indianapolis stay beautiful.

Ever the entrepreneur, she has created a new business model for the interior design industry, Interior Design Therapy. This is an accessible model that allows anyone, not just the wealthy, to attain on the spot design advice and interior solutions from a professional.

Angie is also working on her first book, her own line of interior design solutions, and is a burgeoning mixed media artist.

Angie lives in Indianapolis with the loves of her life, sons Carson and Owen and their Shih Tzu Scout, who thinks he’s a human.