Interior Design Therapy in Active LIFE Magazine

05 Nov 2015, Posted by Angie in Buzz
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Copy by Matthew Hume

Photography by Eduardo Pena

As a child growing up in Speedway, Indiana, Angie Jakad Fischer dreamed of being a TV news anchor. While she was busy painting stencil designs with her mom, or decorating her own bedroom with pink flamingo shower curtains, Angie imagined the future life she would lead. In her young mind, she’d be just like WRTV-6’s Diane Willis, reporting the news of the day to a world that demanded answers. Being the loyal dreamer that she was – and still is – Angie followed that call, earning a journalism degree at Indiana University and going on to work as a reporter and anchor in the several years that followed. But life had different plans for Angie. “After I had my first son, I lost the edge of what I felt I needed to be the best in TV news,” Angie says, ” I lost a hardness – lost the desire to stick a microphone in someone’s face after a car accident or a house fire.” She realized at long last that interior design was the true passion in her vocational life – the road she was meant to be on all along. Read the complete story here.


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