Bedroom Design Challenge

17 Sep 2015, Posted by Angie in Buzz

Copy by KIT Indy

Photos by Chris Whonsetler 


This is where your room design gets personal

Angie Fischer takes no prisoners in her bedroom design. Dramatic gold and black among rock ‘n’ roll symbols nearly belie the crisp white linens and white daisies. She has just one strict design rule: keep only what you love.


  1. Light my fire: A high-end pistol lamp can run you well over $1,000. Angie bought this one at Hobby Lobby and spray-painted it gold, all for around $50.
  2. Layer on the texture & pattern: White cotton, gold chevron, sheepskin, velvet skulls and fuchsia geode stone—it all blends together in an eclectic, personal way.
  3. Petal mettle: Flowers can bring together different accessories in a room beautifully. Buy stems of the same variety (daisies from McNamara Florist) and space them out so they draw the eye around the room.
  4. Fashioning your space: Dressing a room is not like dressing yourself. You have much more space to work with, so mix those patterns. A common color, such as white, helps stripes and chevron play together nicely.

Bedroom tips: “An antique will always be antique, but modern changes,” Angie says. Blend modern accessories and furniture with antique ones and be willing to switch things out. This helps you keep things fresh and completely personal. Love it or leave it, and always splurge on comfortable neutral bedding. [Original Article Here]

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